Garden Valley, located in Idaho, is one of the few places where bald eagles can be seen. These majestic birds have become prevalent in the region, with sightings of bald eagles in Garden Valley increasing over the years. They can be seen perched on trees or soaring high up in the sky, making their distinctive screeching sound.

Bald eagles are regarded as national symbols of the United States of America. They are known for their magnificent appearance, with their white heads, brown bodies, and talons. They are carnivorous birds that feed on fish and small mammals. The Garden Valley, with its abundant water bodies, provides perfect habitats for these birds to thrive. Bald eagles are commonly seen around Lake Cascade, Payette River, and Meadow Creek. In the winter months, when other water sources freeze over, the Garden Valley becomes a popular destination for bald eagles, and many come to stay throughout the season. With such an abundance of these beautiful creatures in Garden Valley, it is no wonder that it has become a favorite location for eagle watching enthusiasts.