To preserve the natural setting, parking near your teepee is prohibited. Instead, each teepee campsite has a designated area for parking accommodations, and no vehicles are allowed beyond this point. Guests must walk to their individual campsite, but handcarts are available to assist with transporting personal belongings. Should you require aid, please reach out to the facility host on site.

Teepee Selection

Distance to Teepee:

The following table displays an estimated distance between the assigned parking area and every teepee camping spot. To reserve multiple teepees and guarantee they are located next to one another, kindly consult the map provided underneath. Selecting your preferred teepee will rely on its availability, determined by first-come, first-served.


Teepees Approximate Walking Distance from Parking
1 Teepee #1 Running Horse 400 feet
2 Teepee #2 Wind Walkers 500 feet
3 Teepee #3 Hoot Owl 575 feet
4 Teepee #4 670 feet
5 Teepee #5 Star Gazer 1,000 feet
6 Teepee #6 Raging Bull 1,140 feet
7 Teepee #7 Buffalo Trace 1,300 feet
8 Teepee #8 Wolf Den 540 feet
9 Teepee #9 Elk Spirit 480 feet
10 Teepee #10 Moon Phase 620 feet

Campsite Amenities

  • 2 Burner Propane Camp Stove 
  • Firepit
  • Grill Grate
  • Hibachi Grill
  • Picnic Table
  • Log Benches



  • Wash Basin
  • Hose Bib
  • Shower Head
  • Solar Camp Shower
  • Mirror
  • Dish Soap & Scrubber


  • Hammock
  • Hot Dog Skewers
  • Fire Extinguisher 
  • Tiki Torch
  • Solar Lights


Accommodations include firepit, benches, Outdoor kitchenette, propane stove, and many extras.
Teepee camping interior with carpet, rug, cowhides, log furniture and Indian artifacts.